About Glenn

I have always had a passion for music. Growing up I'd listen to the likes of Classic Rock and Motown. As an avid fan of video games from the 80's and 90's, one thing that always inspired me was the music from these games and how well the soundtracks were composed. I also listened to many movie scores, gravitating towards epic and evocative compositions. All of these influences come into play with my own music, which I have been creating since 2004.

That said, 2020-22 have been productive years for me with over 300 tracks composed. My music tends to be influenced by my current state of mind, and many of my songs lend themselves to a pensive and contemplative nature. I have went across genres of Rock, Classical, Electronic and others but I do not consider my music to fit any one genre in particular. I just create, and what happens, happens. I hope you enjoy my works here. Creativity is such an outlet for feelings that come from different parts and aspects of one's life. My only wish here is that I can inspire someone to do the same.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting my page. Enjoy my Dreamscapes album in the embedded Spotify Player below.

Smart-Link to Dreamscapes (Apple Music, Pandora, ETC)

My Music


New content made on a regular basis.


Over 15 years of Experience Making Music Electronically.


Catalogue of over 300 songs Influenced by Different Genres.

Current Project

Currently I have just completed a 3-album project called "Art-Inspired Tracks". It is a series of 21 instrumental tracks based on individual pieces of art from sites like Newgrounds.com and DeviantArt. Below is the full Transcription from my bandcamp page: This album compilation is comprised of music I made inspired by art pieces that stood out to me. The artwork which inspired the associated tracks are listed and linked below where applicable. ---------------------------------

Below please see the embedded bancamp player for the album project.